What Would Jesus Wear?

MessiahWear was founded based on that simple question.

Some say that if Jesus walked the earth today, He would wear clothing that didn’t attract any attention.

Others say that Jesus would wear very expensive suits. And there are those who say with certainty that He would only dress in robes.

The fact of the matter is that no one really knows what Jesus would wear. Anything that we could offer would only be speculation. However, if Jesus were here today, the focus would not really be on what he was wearing.

The focus would be more on what He was saying.

We believe that the same thing that He said when He walked the earth is the same thing He says today.

Jesus is still saying, Come!

Your Faith, Your Fashion?

Did you know that as a Christian, your life should be a statement of what you believe?

MessiahWear is committed to helping you make that statement. Not only is our clothing fashionable and trendy but most importantly, it sports an attractive logo for the purpose of directing attention to Christ.

As the words Jesus spoke might hold different meanings for each of us, similarly, your own clothing serves as a canvas to express your individual style, values, and faith.

Our Mission in Design

At MessiahWear, we embody Expressions of Faith through every thread, merging Trendsetting Apparel with a Spiritual Essence. We reside at the crossroads where Faith Meets Fashion, creating clothes for those who boldly carry the spirit of faith, recognizing that sometimes, our strongest messages are preached in Silent Sermons.

Our clothing is more than fabric; it's an invitation and an articulation of the message of Christ with elegance and grace. We tailor our wear so you can sow seeds of the Gospel with every step. Each piece is a celebration of where you've been and where you're headed on your spiritual journey.

It's about wearing your faith as boldly as you live it, in every thread and every seam. Our collection is a tribute to those who walk in His footsteps with grace and strength every day.

Join Our Journey of Faith and Fashion

Join us, explore clothing that speaks to your soul, and carry the Gospel with you in every stride. Your story is our story woven together, worn with pride, and shared with the world. Don't just sit back and witness life; stand up and be a witness to everlasting life.

Discover how MessiahWear can become part of your mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Share your Faith, by wearing your Faith.